Gardens in St Just & Pendeen

If the 2019/20 pandemic taught us nothing else, it was the value of having your own outside space – a place in which you can relax and retreat in total privacy.

In Cornwall, and St Just and Pendeen in particular, many of the traditional granite cottages are lucky to have private outside spaces; whether it be a rear courtyard, small patio or lawned garden. Of course, away from the longer terraces, typically built for (or by) the tin miners in the St Just/Pendeen area, you will find smaller farmsteads or farmhouse cottages that once held small parcels of land around them.

While, typically, much of the land surrounding farmhouse cottages will have been either sold off or built on already, these properties usually have larger gardens and a bit more outside space for you to enjoy while living in Cornwall.

Can a Garden Add Value to Your Property?

Gardens and outside spaces can not only increase the saleability of your property but can also add value!

A study by the AA found that having some form of garden space with your property can uplift its value by as much as 5% – not an insubstantial increase. The study looked at homes with and without gardens in towns, villages and cities across the UK to see where gardens are valued  most – the winning place: Walsall!

More than just uplifting your property value by being a standard feature, if you can really optimise the outside space you have – you stand to gain an awful lot when selling your property in St Just or Pendeen.

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth to create a truly delightful garden space – but the key is ensuring you make good use of each of the spaces you have on offer.

Tips For Making Your Garden Sale-Ready

The first thing you must always make sure is that your garden and any outside space is free of rubbish, dirt or any safety hazards. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to trip, slip or fall – so clear areas, tidy up and if need be use a pressure washer to clean surfaces of moss or grime.

A tidy, well-laid out garden with designated areas for different functions can be extremely appealing to people looking to buy property in St Just and Pendeen. Consider where the sun is at different times of the day and ensure you have seating in the areas where you can enjoy the afternoon rays.

A good rule, is to treat your garden like another room of the house: Think about lighting, heating and seating – people are even using rugs in their outside spaces to increase comfort and visal appeal – all of these things extend the offering that your property presents to purchasers!